A Late Sizzling Summer...

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I know Summer is nearly over, but the weather has been all over the place in the Uk.
We are currently enjoying a heatwave at last and I'm still in summer mode.
I've recorded quite a few makeup tutorials but I've only just realised that I have uploaded a mere two tutorials since my return to vlogging! 
This is one of my favourite looks! A subtle smokey eye with pink glossy lips.
Please click HERE to watch the tutorial.

List Of Products Used;

Nivea Post Balm Shave, Sensitive (as primer)
Mac Studio Fix Fluid, NW46
Ben Nye Colour Wheel, Mojava
Stila Prime Pot, Caramel
La Girl Pro Conceal, Fawn
Sacha Cosmetics Setting Powder, Buttercup
Ben Nye Translucent Powder, Sienna
Island Beauty Pressed Powder, Super Tan

DermaColour Camouflage System, D 14
DermaColour Camouflage System, DM 20
Makeup Academy Eyeshadow Palette, Heaven & Earth 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights Contour Pro
BarryM Dazzle Dust, No.53 Chocolate
MakeUp Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Palette, Rose Gold
Glitter, Unknown
Seventeen Eyeliner Tatoo Me 48 Hr Wear
Mac False Lash, Extreme Black

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette, Lace
MakeUp Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Palette, Rose Gold

BarryM Lip Liner, No.11
Makeup Revolution Lip, 
BarryM Lipgloss, Bubble Gum Pink

New Nouveaux

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My mother is great at finding beautiful vintage pieces and this crushed velvet and chiffon blouse is no exception.
The combination of colours, textures, print and style makes for an unusual and  welcome addition to my wardrobe.
I added a modern twist to the floral, art nouveau inspired print, by wearing this blouse back to front- creating a cool silhouette. 

I decided to play with textures throughout with this outfit, layering the top over a tassel mini skirt and repeating the sheer theme with chiffon style leggings. The metallic accessories and leather shoes add a much-needed element of hardness.

Blouse, Vintage
Bracelet, Charity Shop
Belt, eBay
Skirt, Topshop
Sheer Leggings, H&M
Shoes, Topshop

Photography by Trevor James & Rachiannah Yeboah
Digital artwork by Bisa

How To Create The Perfect Nude Lip

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For women of colour, a good nude lipstick can be difficult to find. 
Drug stores in the UK, still do not cater very well to us and unless you're willing to pay for high end products; you can find yourself very limited. 
For this reason, I have always mixed my own nude lip colours.

 As part of my Lip Trick series, I've uploaded a video on my youtube channel where I show you How To Create The Perfect Nude Lip. It's an in depth video with an explanation for each step, so it's worth a watch. Click HERE to view. (The video also includes alternative steps for people of fairer complexions.

For those who aren't a fan of videos, here are some stills to show the basic steps. 

Line your lips with a black kohl pencil, then fill with a blood red lipstick

Add a concealer a similar shade to your skin tone.

To create a matte lip, add a powder on top.  


Makeup Academy Kohl Pencil, Jet Black
Sleek True Colour Lipstick, Cranberry
DermaColour Camouflage System, D 14
DermaColour Camouflage System, DM 20
Ben Nye Translucent Powder, Sienna
Collection Pressed Powder, 03 Translucent

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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (Video) BISA UNCOVERED

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Sometimes life can get so stressful and overwhelming. Most of the time this is a result of focusing on the wrong things. 
Making goals and targets are essential to keeping on track, but when you feel bound by them, it's time to refocus. 
We all want to be happy; To love and be loved. Family, friends and relationships are what life is all about. We are all susceptible to forgetting this but I hope this video inspires and reminds you to focus on the right things.

Click HERE to watch the video.

The inspiration behind this video is pretty self-explanatory but I'm surprised by the fact I managed to gain content to upload by just- living my life!

I was searching for music to use for this video and then, my sister played me this song as soon as she finished recording it yesterday! It's such a perfect fit and I'm so in love with it! 
She told me that the concept of my video was exactly what she imagined when she wrote the song which is just awesome!
I love how God works these things out!

My channel started off as a music artist channel and I uploaded a video called 'Bisa Uncovered' where I discussed my song wiriting process. 
Click HERE to watch.
I've decided to continue with this video series. Sharing some more personal aspects of my life... thinking out loud.

The Art Of Trying Too Hard

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Having studied art for most of my academic life, I have always found myself drawn to creative people.
University was the best time for me because I was associating with like minded individuals. People who strove to think outside the box; push boundaries and create art. 

Intelligent people who had interesting points to make but knew how to relay them humorously, without pretension. 
We wanted to be exceptional in our own uniqueness... Our only competition: ourselves. We worked hard and we tried even harder! 

Graduation day, disguised itself as a ceremony of achievement. In actuality, it served as a very loud wake up call. I had been abruptly snatched from this artistic cocoon with no idea of what it would really mean to be confronted with "the real world".
Going into the work field, I was bombarded with attitudes which not only supported the mundane, but quite frankly exalted it! 
Anyone who dreamed big was deemed unrealistic.

Years later, I created my little youtube bubble of BisaNation. It was my place to express myself and stamp my unique take on what everyone else was doing. However, I was confused by a small number of individuals' who held an absolute distain for individuality and nonconformity.
In my makeup videos and especially fashion videos, I was deemed on many occasions as "doing the most" or quite simply: Trying too hard.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are drawn to what is accessible and easy to replicate. Well, I personally like to be inspired.  I enjoy watching someone be who they are, knowing I can never compete with them and they can never compete with me. That's the awesomeness of human beings!

Maybe it's just me, but I tend to find it quite arrogant to expect an audience to take time out of their lives to listen or watch you, without making it worth their time. 

When someone "tries too hard", even if they're not quite pulling it off, they should be applauded for trying. 
It's not easy to celebrate your own uniqueness and go against the status quo. The first people bold enough to do so, usually go through a lot to pay that price. Yet they are the ones who set the standard and open doors for everyone else. 

The fact is, yes I do "try too hard"! Too hard for my own good because I always go beyond what is necessary with very little to show for it... Yes I am "doing the most"! I'm doing the absolute most I can because that's who I am! I love the exceptional! My mind remains in clouds far beyond where my eyes can see and I refuse to be mediocre to please anyone. 
Everyone we have ever admired or celebrated, refused to settle for average- so why should we? 
We are all born unique by the very definition of the word and should not shrink for anyone! 

Dare to dream, Be free, be unique! BE BOLD! xx

Images, Self portraits
Gloves, DIY 
Necklace, charity shop 

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FashionFIX | Nostalgia & New Beginnings

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This features an outfit which is near and dear to my heart because it's the first of two. The first dress I ever made, and the first fashion/ beauty video I uploaded when I decided to start my channel!
It really represented a new beginning for me. One which was both exciting and scary.

For some reason, it feels very significant revisiting this outfit. I have the same feelings newness and excitement. Like a welcomed change is approaching.

When my team and I went out to shoot this outfit but the weather was pretty rubbish and it was really hard to get a shot. At the time I felt like we didn't have any good photos. It was so cold and we'd been shooting another outfit for hours, so I called it quits. 
It wasn't until I got home and saw the results, that I wished we'd stayed out there longer because we didn't have any shots of the shoes or the back of the dress, which has a completely different print.

Months later we went back and instead, I decided to shoot a FashionFIX video which is a fashion film series I have on my channel.

I'm really happy with the way the video turned out and can't wait to shoot the next one!
Check out the links to both the FashionFIX video HERE & my first youtube channel upload HERE. 

DIY Leather Jumpsuit

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I can hardly believe how long it's been since my last post! It's shameful really because I've had so many posts lined up for a long time but sometimes life gets in the way...

Anyway, I made this faux leather jumpsuit a few months back and I'll talk about it in my next post but for now I wanted to just share the images my team and I created. 
The photos were shot in my dining room and I'm so pleased with the way they turned out! 
We also shot a Fashion video which is live on my channel right now!
Please check out the video and let me know your thoughts!

Jumpsuit, DIY,
Belt, River Island
Shoes, eBay + DIY
Earrings, eBay
Bracelets & Rings, Primark

Photography, Trevor Andre James
Creative Directing & Digital Retouching, BisaNation 
Assistant, Miriam Awah

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Early last year I uploaded a video to my youtube channel, reviewing my Sleek True Colour lipstick collection. 
I didn't do a blog post at the time but I thought I would it share the video to help anyone thinking of purchasing Sleek lipsticks.
I've added some stills from the video but be sure to watch the in-depth review and 14 colour swatches.

The Lipsticks mentioned;

Baby Doll
Papaya Punch

Video stills below...

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