Classic Play

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Playsuits and Jumpsuits are my new favourite thing to wear at the moment! 
This black playsuit with gold studs was a Vintage find from my favourite shop 'Beyond Retro'.
It's cute and playful with a classic, formal twist.
I took these photos a while back on my old camera and without autofocus, the struggle was real!
I have a new camera and a new flash on it's way so hopefully the picture quality will improve.

Playsuit, Beyond Retro
Clutch, Trade
Shoes, Sold in my shop. To Purchase,  click HERE 
Necklace, TopShop

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There's something about September...

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I know it's the last day of September but I had initially decided to relaunch my blog September 1st. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible but I still wanted to share my musings with you anyway.

September has always been the most significant, almost poignant time of the year for me...
Even more so than new year. September carries an aura of expectancy and hope that has always intrigued me. 
I'm sure it's also largely linked to the childhood beginning of school term which almost always meant change. Moving up a year proposed a chance for reinvention. Even if it didn't happen for you personally, you could at least witness the effects for certain individuals around you. 
I remember watching some people go from socially non existent to extremely popular with the introduction offered by September. Almost as if a newfound attitude gained over the summer, now gave them the authority to command life to change for the better, for people to treat them better.
It eventually happened for me too... but I'll speak on it in another post.

So with all this in mind, I thought it only fitting that I begin this next chapter of my life now as I clasp at the coat tails of departing September. 

With all the craziness that has gone on in my life recently; it has served to give me time to reflect, rest, (reluctantly) and focus my targets. I am dedicating my focus to my blog, fashion and music...

I don't think I'll ever leave you to YouTube, as a seed has been planted and I want to see the fruit of it after these years of hard work. 
I have a overwhelming passion for film/animation and moving image but the truth is, I always feel shorthanded when it comes to filmmaking because it really does take the team. I can never quite get the quality of production I want and I find myself constantly feeling inhibited. This then ultimately leaves me spending hours on the editing process. Trying to make the most of what I have, which can be draining.
When I create still images however, I don't feel the same limitations. It's easier- with the right tools, to bring my ideas to fruition.

I almost forgot, but I wrote a song a very a long while back which encapsulates everything I've tried to relay in this post.
The song is called September 

Don't turn your back on me
My life has only started
And I can gradually see
The stillness has departed
Everyone's looking at me, well that's the way it seems
So now it all begins in September
Look at me, at me everyone's looking at me, at me

A newness has been born
I'm filled with hope and fear
Stepping in my unknown home
Atonement day, Creation
I knew it all along but thought that I must be crazy
So now it all begins in September
Look at me, at me everyone's looking at me, at me

Stepping into newness the things that I've been longing for
Receive my harvest, the blessings that I've been waiting for
But before I get there the pressure is mounting more and more
All eyes on me, it seems some wait to see me fall
I'm nearly there I feel it way deep down in my bones
I wait on God and only do as I'm told
So I keep on moving
Pressing towards the prize, no surprise when I get there the joke's on you
No I don't mean you... I mean You- yeah you know who

But I console myself because I know whom I my believe

September, by BisaNation 

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Being Bold

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So I finally decided to put aside my procrastination and begin the relaunch of my blog.
Since the beginning of 2015 my whole stance or slogan if you will, has been "Be Bold". 
This has become my mantra; not because I am a model of fearlessness or example of bravery, but because I'm actually a bit of a wimp. I need that boost because it seems everything I do makes me scared... Fear of "failing", fear of being inconsistent... Just fear.

Even the name "BisaNation" which came about coincidentally, intimates me... It's just so big! Bisa is my middle name so it's not even what I associate with the real me... (I'll explain in a later post).
BisaNation is the suggestion of a one woman nation and although it motivates me- I'm constantly aware that everything I aim for, aim to be is far beyond me. Which is why I don't trust in my own abilities but I'm driven by hope and faith. 

As I've gotten older I've come to realise that in life, every decision we make is either motivated by love or fear... I don't want fear to be my inspiration- only love. 
I want to do things because I love it and because I know it's what I'm meant to do. So I've made a decision to do things despite the fear... With the hope that with each day that passes I will become more bold.

"Perfect Love casts out all fear" so if like me as a child, one of your fears causes you to be too shy to even speak to or approach people, it's because you need more love. Love for yourself, love for others. More self acceptance and less self consciousnes or fear of judgment.

As human beings it will always be our struggle to overcome fear in one shape or form but every time I say or write "Be BOLD" it's like my wake up call. A reminder  to practice what I preach.


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MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet looks

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I wanted September 1st to mark the date of my return to the blogging world... Since the burglary it's been a constant back and forth with the insurance company and so far I still haven't managed to get a replacement camera or laptop... However, as I type this from my (little) iPhone, I couldn't resist posting my favourite red carpet outfits from the MTV VMA's 2015. 
There were lots of really nice pieces, but here are my top 6...

Emily Ratajkowski wearing Altuzarra top and matching skirt

Gigi Hadid, wearing Emilia Wickstead

Taylor Swift, wearing Top and matching trousers by Ashish and gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes

Hailee Steinfeld wearing Stella McCartney
Christy Teigen wearing Marcheasa AW15

Brandi Cyrus

...And a bonus!
Sorry (not sorry) this is epic! Ha!

Let me know your top 5 red carpet looks from the mtv vmas 2015.

I'll be back very soon with regular posts but in the mean time,
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I was robbed!

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I uploaded a video last week about my return to YouTube after an unexpected delay.
I excitedly explained all I have planned for my channel; how the set backs only served to allow me more time to film/ edit great new content. Content I was proud of and looking forward to sharing...

...I returned home a few nights ago, to find that my house had been broken in to. they stole my laptop and camera- everything I need to record/ edit all my music, video and blog content. Including my art/ illustration portfolio.

The things taken, were specific to what I do... My career and business. (My other valuables were untouched)!
I can't further comment on that for now but it seems I won't be able to upload for a while...

This situation is horrible and I won't lie, when I saw what had happened and realised that countless hours of my work had been stolen. I sobbed... Its not about "stuff"- It's the violation of somebody going through your things and just taking whatever they want. I felt uncomfortable in my own home- I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

However!! I know that something great is coming out of this and I'm definitely not going to live in fear or defeat or sadness.
I am smiling as I write this because

I am BOLD and more determined than ever!xx

My Updated Shoe Collection

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A few years ago, I did a YouTube video featuring my shoe collection. It was so long ago that I decided to do an updated version. 
 It was really fun but tiring to shoot due to the hours of awkward pose positions lol!

Here are some stills from the video...

I've had these red shoes from ebay for a while and I still get a great reception every time I wear them. Despite the fact that they are extremely uncomfortable!

When I saw these shoes in Schuh, I could hardly contain my excitement!! THEN when I found out they were on sale for £14, I nearly keeled over! 
The sequin detail took some getting used to, but the stack block platform heel and sole- more than made up for it!!

The chunky heels above are from New Look are so comfy. They remind me of summer.
They're simple but the colour adds a touch of stand out vibrance.

I gave details on these bad boys in a previous post about DiY Shoes

Check my previous post DIY Studded Shoes for more info about these shoes

These gladiator heels from NewLook have just the right amount of Rock chick edge

These denim shoes by Jeffrey Campbell are just beautiful! I love the spike detail and banana heel.

Check out the video for a more detailed look at the shoes and to listen to my upcoming single! 

Watch the video below to see my initial shoe collection. Throw back!!!xx

Fashion Fix: Red Alert!

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For my channel relaunch debut, I wanted to start off a little... softly softly. So I kept the outfit kind of simple with this vintage red shirt and (tiny) zara skirt which was previously unworn...
During the editing process however, I wanted a way to liven up an otherwise tame looking video. So I opted for this tribal inspired pattern theme. I created the shapes in photoshop and for me it achieved the desired effect.

Shirt, Vintage
Skirt, Zara
Belt, River Island
Necklace, Primark
Boots, eBay
Hair, Eva's Wigs

The fabulous hair featured in the video is from Eva's wigs. Click here for an in depth review.

It took a while to edit this video... 
Have a look and tell me what you think!xx

Project 104

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Project 104 is a brand I discovered during a press day at Utter Couture.
As soon as I walked into the room, it was the first collection I noticed.
I was immediately captivated by the kitsch designs and felt the nostalgic nod to my childhood. A throwback to those girlie swimming costumes I used to pine for; A cross between an oufit fit for Barbie and Baz Luhrmanns 1996 hit movie Romeo and Juliet.

My intrigue increased when I found out that the whole collection is limited edition.
The name 'Project 104' comes from the fact that the company produce only 104 pieces of each item. So you feel like you are wearing a piece of collectable art.

The fusion of art and fashion is evident throughout all the collections. I decided to produce my own piece of art work based on one of my favourite pieces called 'Loverpool' from the Paradise Found collection.

Here is Project 104's own description of the Loverpool swim suit;
Based on tacky tourist T-shirts from fictitious destinations
Project 104's Paradise Found collection is proud to invite you to:


Travel package seven night stay at gangstas habit dice resort

Visit to the Baby Butterfly Sanctury
Waterfall rafting through Loverpool rainforest
Rejuvenation at the Lemonade Lakes

Below is the new Collection My Body, My Shrine.