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I have realised that I never wear red. 
I had a conversation with my brother about it and it dawned on me; Somewhere, deep in my subconscious I picked up the notion that wearing red is very attention seeking and “showy”. I’ve just never felt comfortable wearing it… I don’t know why I feel that way since I have no problem with wearing clothes which are both attention seeking and “showy”! But it’s as if red it taking it too far lol! (Lord knows how the human psyche works). 
Either way, I bought the most red material I could find and made this red jumpsuit, in order to expel my weird, hidden insecurity. If I’m going to be bold, what better way to make that statement than to wear red all over.


Jumpsuit, DIY
Belt, eBay
Shoes, River Island
Jewellery, Unknown


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I was having a talk with a friend of mine on yesterday and I found out that she actually reads this blog which was surprising to me! Ha ha! 
She spoke about my previous post where I shared about my experience of 2017 so far. She said it's funny that you always think you're the only one going through something and then somebody else has the exact same experience. We got into a conversation about things we all do, but convince ourselves that we’re the only ones.
Particularly, those moments of regret. The things you said or did years and years ago, now suddenly pop up into your head to catch you off guard. Reminding you of how you fell short of good character.

This is something I will admit to struggling with. I am extremely hard on myself. Sometimes over things which I know are ridiculous but there I am at 2am, 8am or in the shower. Suddenly reminded of every shameful, mean or cringe inducing thing I ever did or said. Repeatedly asking myself the age old question: Why? 
Why did I do/ say that? What was I thinking? The fact is, you will never be able to answer those questions to your own satisfaction because it is in the past. There is NOTHING you can do to change the past! You can sometimes amend it but you can’t reverse the thing you did or said. 
Most of the time, you’re the only one who remembers it! No one is thinking of you as much as you’re thinking of yourself! Yet we still do it. At times, I have been so tortured that I have to fight the urge to send a Facebook message to anyone I ever offended lol! 
Then I remind myself that it was about 15 years ago and no one else is thinking about it! 
So what’s the answer? 
Let it go! 
There is a strength that comes from the ability to let things go. There’s an even greater strength which comes from an ability to let go, forgive yourself and then learn from the things you regret.

The fact is, if you were the same person you were when you did or said that thing you regret- it wouldn’t hurt so much. The reason you are so gutted by your actions is because you fell short of the person you know you really are. This knowledge should actually encourage us. Indicating that we have become better human beings then we were at one point, and we are on our way to better character. 
When we learn to have some grace for ourselves. We can then learn to extend that grace to others. Realising that we’re all human. We all mess up sometimes but thank God, we can all do and be better!

Thanks for reading! Comment below and tell me if you can relate to anything I said in this post...


Self portrait from upcoming post...

Only The Strong...

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2017 has been quite possibly one of the most trying years of my life! 
We're only four months in and already I feel like every life lesson to be learned, has been compressed into these last few months. It has been draining and really overwhelming at times. 

I'm so adamant to fulfil my purpose and do what I was born to do; To help people and be useful on this planet but my word, it's been a struggle! I don't know how to articulate it right now but in short, when things change it can leave you really unsettled and sometimes a little lost. I'm slowly finding my footing, striving to be the person I'm supposed to be without inhibition... to wholly accept myself. I'm confident in many ways but I want real confidence, in every area. I'm not willing to fake it till I make it! 

It's not easy to be loving. To love God, love yourself and to love others properly! The more I try, the more I feel like I'm failing. But I'll keep trying.

As my cousin once said, “This life is not for the weak.” Haha! Ain’t that the truth!


Self Portrait first appeared on the post, Bold Transitions

All Black. All Leather

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I mentioned in a previous post, How To Develop Your Own Personal Style (click HERE to view) the importance of finding your style. That concept inspired a whole collection of clothes that I made for myself and this outfit, in particular, exemplifies that for me. This was the first thing I made using faux leather fabric and it was the start of something special. I have mentioned repeatedly how much I love textured fabrics and I'm really appreciative of the fact that I can make myself any kind of outfit I desire.

These photos were taken October 2015 and I think it was my favourite shoot to date because everything was just right! As soon as I spotted this black garage door, I knew it would make the perfect backdrop.
The street we were shooting on was sooo busy, so posing in front of such a large number of people was slightly awkward at first. However, I soon got over it, because from the first click of the camera, the photos came out great!

Leather Top/ Dress, Designed and made by me BisaNation
Belt, River Island
Boots, Zigzags
Earrings, Asos
Cuffs, Miss Selfridge
Armour ring, Aldo
Gold rings, Primark

Photography & Digital Retouching by BisaNation
Assisted by Trevor James & Mirriam Awah

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Everybody Loves The Sunshine

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This series of photos were taken a couple of years ago as part of my Spring lookbook video. 
It was such a fun day! The summer heat made an early appearance and the heatwave continued for months. I had a full team with me that day. The video below captures the sense of hopeful content that summer brings. I cannot wait for more days like this!

I'll share some images of the other outfits shown in the video, another time.

Top, DIY
Trousers, Miss Selfridge
Belt, Gift
Shoes, NewLook
Bag, Primark
Sunglasses, Retro City Sunglasses
Cuff, Miss Selfridge

Photography, Trevor Andre James
Edited by BisaNation

Videography, Trevor Andre James & BisaNation
Edited by BisaNation

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Losing Light

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 I think I mentioned a while back that I wanted to make more practical, outfits which still possessed an element of chic. Items that could transition from day to casual evening wear. 
I discovered this floral embossed, scuba fabric and bought metres and metres of it! 
So far I've made these trousers and top, another dress and I'll use the remaining metre to make something more dressy. 
I absolutely love this outfit because it’s so cool yet comfy! It’s seriously like going out in pj’s!

These photos were taken near the end of the day using natural sunlight. I was debating whether to take these photos or not because the sun was rapidly disappearing. I decided to risk it.
I raced against time to capture these shots, hoping not to lose light and this time, I feel I won.

Photography, BisaNation

Top & Trousers, DIY
Shoes, Charity Shop

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Photography | Evoking Sunsets...

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As promised, here are the rest of the photos I took of my sister Gwen... I posted two more photos the other day but the look was a lot softer with less contrast- You can check out those photos here.. 

My sister prefers those pics but I personally prefer these as I love my drama with high contrast, when it comes to visuals... 
These photos were shot indoors but somehow, I get a sense of being on the beach as the sun sets...  I can even see a mirage of sea horizon in the top shot... I don't know maybe it's just me I am definitely long overdue for a holiday- maybe this is wishful thinking lol!
Either way, I happy with the photos!

Model, Gwyneth Sidney
Photographer & Makeup Artist, BisaNation

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Knee Deep In Denim

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I'm not usually one to indulge in consumerism. I would rather make something; Expanding my knowledge and skill, than to buy it. However, I still haven't managed to learn how to make boots and every year around December to late January, I find myself going crazy with the online shopping bug!

Thigh high boots are a weakness of mine and most recently, I just found myself finding so many treasures from Ego official and Public Desire! So many of the shoes I found were exactly my style and to taste which is usually rare for me!

I think one of my absolute, favourite purchases has got to be these denim boots from Ego! They are simply amazing and look so good with every outfit. I love to pair them with my choker that I designed and made. 
I'll be sharing some more posts I'll be sharing some more of my purchases in late in later posts but for now, here are (A LOT) of pics I took last week...

Photography, BisaNation

Choker, DIY
Dress, DIY
Boots, Ego Official

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