About Me

Hi, I’m Bisa [Bee-Sah] (it’s actually my middle name My first name is Stephanie).
I’ve uploaded two photographs because I feel like they both represent me and this blog. The performer side of me and then the real me. As I document my thoughts and my growth. 

I am a professional singer, songwriter and producer. Alongside creating my own original music content, I work as a session singer backing major artists for live and TV shows. I am also an illustrator and make-up artist.
I have a degree in Animation. I love art, music, photography and fashion. 
I design and make most of my clothes and I'm obsessed with boots- especially thigh highs! 
I watch at least one movie a day and I love sunsets.

I became a professional makeup artist at the age of 19. This path later led me to begin a youtube channel in 2011; Specialising in beauty, hair and fashion. 
My channel took off quite quickly because the way I did things was pretty unique at the time ie. my makeup techniques, editing style and camera quality. 

 I have been told “No” and “you can’t” so many times in my life that and now I've reached the point where I'm just going to do whatever I want. I like to do things in a way that's true to my own style because I tried fitting in but I was really bad at it! lol!

Growing up, I really battled with insecurity and inadequacy as so many others have. In this age of comparison it's a constant battle of wills to keep your confidence but hopefully I can inspire people to embrace our uniqueness. I'm really passionate about reminding people of how awesome they are and how we should feel free to express true selves creatively.