I've had a few negative comments about my Youtube makeup looks being too strong or too much, but it's intentional!
I don't walk out the house wearing half the looks I create- in fact, my normal makeup is quite boring. However, Youtube for me is my own little world where I'm free to create. I am an artist first- I've studied art most of my life and I view makeup as an extension of that, a form of artistic expression.
My Youtube channel is not just me showing people how I apply makeup, but most importantly, that we don't have to be bound by rules- that we can all free ourselves from restrictions in all areas of life (not just makeup.) You don't have to do things a particular way, just because that's what everyone else tells you should be done. And besides, it's just makeup- you can always wash it off! Sometimes I think we all need to free ourselves a bit and think outside of the box.

In this first image, the makeup and photography was done by me. The model is my friend Ruth. I had so much fun creating this look!