As I've mentioned before I LOVE Fashion photography! I love the combination of make up and fashion. The dramatic poses & expressions. 

I shot a fashion vid a few days ago which will be uploaded later today. I also took some photos which I thought I'd show you.

Yes I am a poser & enjoy having my pics taken. It's just another form of expression for me- like acting. I get to play a character & have fun. It's not too serious.
I think it's important for everyone to have a form of artistic, creative expression which allows you to be free from reality for a bit. There are so many crazy, serious, sad & horrible things going on in this world. Sometimes I need a break!:) 

 This bracelet is beautiful! 
When it comes to accessories, I love anything that looks like a deadly weapon! 

I received this courtesy of 'Femme, Flirty & Fabulous'

I am in love with this over sized jumper (sweater). It belonged to my mum ( she still wants it back) but I think it's a definite keeper- Sorry mum!

These close up shots are my favorite. They were shot with a shallow depth of field so the focus is on my hand & mouth, making my skin look blurred & ultimately flawless which can never be a bad thing!

This bag is so cool. Got it as a birthday present from my sis (I chose it).
I have no idea of the name of the shop. I listed it in the vid as a bag from a 'London boutique' but really it's from the big bag shop in Peckham- I think 'boutique sounds much nicer though!

This is a still from my upcoming fashion vid.

Hope you like!

Make Up Tutorial, for this look 'Refined Rebel'

List of Products Used;

DermaColor Concealer #D 14
88 Warm Palette from 'Beautify' (Amazon)
Barry M Dazzle Dust #44
Sleek Berry Collection-
'Fenberry' Blush #749
'Mossberry' Kohl Pencil #747

'Cranberry' Lipstick #748