So... I woke up on 2nd Feb and got ready to film. I went to check my facebook page & my password wouldn't work, apparently I had changed my password an hour before. Tried to log into my hotmail, it said I had changed my password an hour before. By that time I knew what was going on cos it had happened to friend of mine (beautybyjj). 
I immediately checked my YouTube & saw I only had two videos uploaded instead of about 80. 
Someone had hacked into every account I owned with the intent to delete them. A few minutes later, my YouTube channel was deleted, my blog- gone, LookBook, both email accounts- everything: gone! They even went into my Paypal account! 

Anyway, all my accounts restored within 24 hours thank the Lord! Everything but my Lookbook account which is no biggie...

I wasn't even upset cos I knew everything would turn out okay. I was honestly just so sad for the person/ persons who took all that time & effort to try and ruin things for me. 

Oh well, no harm done. More posts coming soon!