As a follow up from my last post, 'Fashion Fix' I thought I'd so you guys some of my illustrations & the design process. 
I've studied art my whole academic life & have a degree in Animation. However, apart from header banner for this blog, I hadn't drawn anything for years! (About 7!) 
But I've decided to use all my talents in order to get more! Life is so much more fun that way! :D

I had forgotten how time consuming the whole process is! Each image took hours! and hours! and hours!...

I begin by sketching out the silhouette. You basically have to have an idea of the naked form... I try to build a '3D' guide before I put the clothes on. That's the only way to get the proportions right. 

I don't have a scanner, so I take photos of the drawings, import them into Photoshop & then do the colouring there. 
I fill the sections with colour, with the paint bucket tool, then use the smudge tool to blend the colours to get the desired effect.


The shoes & bag took the longest to do because I had to keep blending, messing with light & contrast to create an authentic leather texture. 

Although it all took such a long time to do, I'm glad I reminded myself that I used to draw & paint. 
The process is never as fun as the end result, but it has definitely inspired me to get back into illustration & animation.