I was contacted by a lady called Molly Quest, who teaches Fashion in London and also has her own label. She told me she had designed a bag inspired by me, called the Bisa Clutch bag!! Obviously I was completey flattered and intrigued to know what this bag looked like! (I am extremely picky when it comes to bags, I find a lot of people tend to buy the same style- mostly that Zara bucket bag, which I find ghastly but anyway...) She asked if I could also come up with an image for the bag as she knew I dabble a bit in photography...

When I received the bag, I had to laugh to myself because Molly had completely got it right! 
The bag was so different, edgy and made from hair!! It was so me! lol!

 However, It was really difficult to capture in a photographic image/ shoot. I received this bag months & months ago but I just couldn't get it right... I spoke to Molly about my final idea of doing some sort of illustration for it & that's how I came up with this!

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out, I think the image captures the bag perfectly. 

For the boots, I took inspiration from one of my favourite designers, Balmain

As I mentioned in a previous post BisaNation Illustrations I'm getting back into fashion illustration but I'm still a bit rusty. It took quite a few hours to work on the style, technique & composition. 
I started out with a pencil drawing on paper. I outlined it with pen, then imported the image into Adobe Photoshop, where I did the final rendering.

I designed this dress in the process, which I definitely intend on making in the near future!

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