Ok, so I wanted to let you guys see a little bit of what I do outside of Youtube... 
As well as a singer, songwriter & producer of my own music, I also work as a session singer and I also do tv/ film extra work. 

I was fortunate enough to take part in the Royal Variety Show 100th anniversary, supporting Neil Diamond. 

Her's a pic of me and the other gorgeous backing vocalists
Jojo, Natalie, Me & Michelle

 Royal Albert Hall

It was a really long day, I did my foundation and base on the train.
I knew we we going to have a makeup artist but I didn't want to leave my foundation to chance! Don't judge me! lol! (she turned out to be really skilled and did a great job on my eyes!)

We had our own personal makeup artist and hair stylists! That was so cool!

The final look...

 Then there was A LOT of waiting around, I met some cool people & lots of fun

Dinner time!

Me & the girls messing around 

We got back into hair and makeup again, got dressed and then went to stalk some celebs before showtime!

I saw so many celebs and said hi to most of them but I didn't want to ask for pics. These are the only sneaky I managed to capture.

Kylie looked amazing (and really tiny!)

Ronnie Corbett from 'The Two Ronnies' chatting to Natalie

Alicia Keys & Robbie Williams

We were finally ready to go on stage as the Neil Diamonettes! ;p

Shots from the live performance (that's me first from the centre)

Some final shots of me when I arrived home that evening. My makeup help up ver well!

Hope this was interesting for you! I've actually been on 3 TV shows all in one day today which is really cool! God has been good! :D

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