I'm a huge fan of youtuber and NYX face awards 2012 winner, Charisma Star. She's like a ray of sunshine and a little obsessed with Disney! 
I woke one day last week feeling compelled to create a Charisma Star Disney Princess character. No idea why because it hadn't been a prior consideration, but it seemed like a good idea and I knew she would appreciate it. 
While I was rendering the image, Charis uploaded an IG post very similar to the image I was working on- I knew it was a sign! 

This is crazy because although the crown I drew was based on a previous photo I had seen of Charis, 
I had never seen this photo until I had almost finished the drawing! 

I began with a quick sketch, a lot like the drawings I used to do as a child...
I always do this part pretty quickly as I'm always keen to start working on my images on photoshop. For me, this is definitely the most enjoyable part!

Image Drawn with blue pencil, outlined in pen. Then imported and rendered in photoshop.

Everything but the necklace was drawn by hand.

I've sent Charis the original image and I'm really glad she likes it!

Use Your Talents and Watch Them Multiply!

B xx