In late June, my brother told me that he had submitted our demos and we had been selected to perform at the wireless festival!
I spent a lot of the time assuming that this may or may not happen as is usually the case in the music industry. It's a very fickle place with even more fickle people... I've learnt not to take it personally and I've also learnt not to share every opportunity it brings until its confirmed.
However, the closer it got to the date was the more I realised "this is actually happening!" For those who don't know, in the UK we have a load of music festivals over the summer period. 
Festival season always begins with Glastionbury (which is huge)... Wireless is one if the big ones attracting a crowd of over 70,000. 
At theses events, they usually have various stages with different types of acts and genres. 
Whilst my brother and I were most definitely not on the main stage, along with JayZ and Justin Timberlake, we had the same access to everyone who attended, which was amazing! 
I was happy with both mine and my brothers' performances. But I was more excited by the entry wristbands which were given to my brother and me! Because we performed on the Friday (first day of the festival) we know had free wristband passes for the entire weekend which included access to the entire festival and most importantly, queue jump!!
This was my first festival and I was so so happy to be involved! Wireless is the one I've most wanted to attend... For the past 10 years actually, so to perform was an amazing bonus!!
There were so many great acts unfortunately, I missed Earth, Wind and Fire, Macklemoore, and tinie tempah did a surprise performance which I also missed. I'm gutted about this and I won't go into the reasons why... Lets just say, I blame my sister! sigh
Overall, the atmosphere was amazing, the weather was incredible! I had such a great time and will be going next year for sure!!

Use Your Talents & Watch Them Multiply!
B xx