This is something I strongly believe in! 
Using your gifts and talents, it's your USP (unique selling point) it's what sets you apart from other people, when you work in your gifts and talents it will also give you your own individual style and distinct way if doing things!
However, it's also one if the hardest things to do because the more they multiply, the more time you need to dedicate to each talent! 
Time management is definitely not one of my strong points. Hopefully, as I practise it more and more- I will gain this as a talent too one day! 
For now though, it's one if the reasons I don't post on my blog enough. When I'm busy it does something discombobulating to my head, I get overwhelmed and therefore incapable of focusing on anything else. I always commit to everything I do and hate to do a half job- it's always all or nothing with me, which doesn't bode well with running a blog OR a YouTube channel for that matter but I am trying to sort out my life! Lol!
Using your talents will make you feel like you have something of value to offer other people... It makes you feel useful and the best thing is, it will only lead to gaining more!
Use Your Talents & Watch Them Multiply!
Be Bold!
B xx