FABULOUS Hair from Diamond Virgin Hair Company!

(Video Below)

When I was asked to do a hair review for DiamondVirginHair.com I was really excited as I'd heard so much about them through positive youtube reviews and I was keen to try them out... I was not disappointed! The hair lasted through a variety of colouring processes and still looks great!

This is the final hair colour...

I achieved this hair colour by bleaching the hair and then using two boxes of Superdrug Vibrance Plum Passion 5.46  The colour is not so dramatic but was a huge change for me since I'm so used to black hair but I really like the way it turned out!

The hair arrived in this pretty silver box, along with hair care tips and instructions.

Please be aware that you may incur custom charges when receiving this hair outside of the U.S.
The charge to the UK is around £30 via UPS and around £70 via FedEX
(!!!!! I would advise you request not to receive via FedEX)

Customer service is really great. They were lovely to deal with!
I received 5x 26" of Virgin Peruvian Hair