Update: BISANATION.com

Illustration by Bisa. Pencil on paper, photoshop

Hey loves! It has been the longest time! I've had a nice break but I'm back and it feels good!!
So basically, I've been drawing a lot and doing more photography.
I've just launched my portfolio website BisaNation.com which shows some of my most recent work.

I've been looking for someone to take outfit pics for my blog posts & I still haven't found anyone, which is the main I haven't been posting.
However, I came up with the idea this morning to use video stills. So I'll have fashion pics coming very soon which I'm really excited about!!

I'm at a stage of my life where I just want to create. I feel I have all the time in the world to do what I want, but none to waste doing things I don't have a passion for. 
Besides music which is a part of me... Fashion is such a huge inspiration. I'm not a very superficial person- I'm not into consumerism or decadence but I love beauty. 

We are surrounded by beautiful scenes in the earth and the entire universe! 
God created everything with a purpose but He also made it look amazing too! I guess I see fashion as a human version of that same principle. Something that serves a practical purpose but packaged beautifully.
Illustration and photography allow me to own a piece of that beauty without having to spend money I don't have! lol!

My goal is to be able to make a living doing the things I love…

Thanks so much for stopping by. Thank you for support!
Much love Bisa!xx