I was ill on day 3, so I couldn't attend any shows that day. 
I was back on form by day 4 however, wearing a DIY ensemble.

This outfit was based around my favourite theme of black and gold. Both the dress and faux fur were made by me. The choker was made from a broken bracelet I "found" in my sisters room, the chain attached from my neck to wrist were used from an old bag strap.

(Below is an extremely blurry pic taken with my camera on an incorrect setting lol, but I like the feel of it!)

In case you can't quite make out what I'm wearing; It's a more embellished version of the outfit worn in my previous post, for one of my FashionFIX videos.

I absolutely love accessories so this outfit was one of my favorites!
Let me know what you think? Too much? NAHHHH!

Dress, DIY
Faux Fur, DIY
Boots, Jeffrey Campbell Gold Lita Spikes
Bracelets, Primark
Choker, DIY from old bracelet
Neck to Wrist Chain, DIY from bag strap

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