Drawing is one of the many things I enjoy doing. I find it very therapeutic and anything I can do whilst watching a movie is always a plus for me!
It's a skill I used to practice on a daily basis as a child. However, after my degree in animation (some many years ago), I had been put off of the very idea of drawing. My passion for it has only been revived in the last year or so. 

During my time away from art, I think I started to feel a bit unsure about my skills. Almost as if I may have forgotten how... Whatever your natural ability levels are, drawing/ art is a skill which requires practice and for me I feel like there is so much more to learn.

My favourite medium is pencil on paper and then rendering in photoshop. This is so ironic because I was hopeless with computers during my whole degree and specialised in 2D animation because I found the whole computer/ cgi thing so dull and laborious. (I later discovered 2D animation is just as boring!) Especially back then when it was mainly drawing frames on paper or cells! -Omg how did I survive?!

I'm really happy to be drawing again and I know it's only a matter of time before I'm animating again! I just need to figure all the new tech which will hopefully make it easier than it was during my degree!