I had such a great time at London fashion week but it wasn't just a one off experience for me. It really helped me to put everything in perspective and as a direct result I've decided to focus on fashion (and music) on my YouTube channel. This is a move which I feel will allow me to express myself creatively... To be bold and fearless in the pursuit of my dreams.

I've been a "beauty guru" for about four years now, but over the last two years I just found myself slowly losing enthusiasm; Especially when it came to beauty and make up tutorials... 
My heart lies in fashion and the mere thought of dedicating my time to doing that makes me so happy!

I recently dyed my hair bright red and I know it sounds cliche but it really did represent a new beginning for me!

The short video below, gives a little more detail about what my channel will entail. I'm really excited and I hope it appeals to you guys too.
Thank you to those so far who have shown me so much love and support in this new direction.

Be Bold!xx