I uploaded a video last week about my return to YouTube after an unexpected delay.
I excitedly explained all I have planned for my channel; how the set backs only served to allow me more time to film/ edit great new content. Content I was proud of and looking forward to sharing...

...I returned home a few nights ago, to find that my house had been broken in to. they stole my laptop and camera- everything I need to record/ edit all my music, video and blog content. Including my art/ illustration portfolio.

The things taken, were specific to what I do... My career and business. (My other valuables were untouched)!
I can't further comment on that for now but it seems I won't be able to upload for a while...

This situation is horrible and I won't lie, when I saw what had happened and realised that countless hours of my work had been stolen. I sobbed... Its not about "stuff"- It's the violation of somebody going through your things and just taking whatever they want. I felt uncomfortable in my own home- I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

However!! I know that something great is coming out of this and I'm definitely not going to live in fear or defeat or sadness.
I am smiling as I write this because

I am BOLD and more determined than ever!xx