I would definitely describe myself as a photography enthusiast, but it's something I don't get to do as often as I would like.
A while back I was photographer and creative director for shoot which I posted here I was really happy with the final images but thought I would share with you the creative process and how it all came together.
I started off as a mood board which I created for buy one for the stylist and another for the make up artist.

Here is a copy of the brief I sent them in an email.

"...In the meantime I've attached some mood boards; one for makeup and one for fashion.

Dark, glossy lips. Metallic red lips… Shimmery eyes (I have lots of pigments I can bring too) smokey eyes in various shades…

Furs, lots of Leather, Gold, Silver, Sequins, sparkle, Metallics, feathers,

I'm thinking lots of 3/4 shots, so more focus on beauty, layering textures and fabrics. Although if Sade is really good and confident, we can also go for full length shots. "

I was going for dramatic, atmospheric and moody lighting.; With a use of high contrast. Although I had a strong idea of what I wanted, it was important for me to leave the stylist and makeup artist some creative freedom and room to interpret my mood board to suit their own styles. This was my first time working with a team and it was paramount that I learn to reliquich my tendency to be a control freak.

Celebrity stylist Kizzy decided to add a bit more of a street element. I was nervous about this but Kizzy told me to trust her and it totally paid off. She managed to combine a street edge, whilst incorporating the glamorous feel in keeping with the brief.

Neon velvet, the make up artist does skin like no other. Her work is flawless!

Photographer & Creative director: BisaNation   
Stylist: Kizaster 
Makeup Artist: Neonvelvet
Model: Sade Candice

Click HERE to watch the behind the scenes video