So I finally decided to put aside my procrastination and begin the relaunch of my blog.
Since the beginning of 2015, my whole stance or slogan if you will has been "Be Bold". 
This has become my mantra; not because I am a model of fearlessness or example of bravery, but because I'm actually a bit of a wimp. I need that boost because it seems everything I do makes me scared... Fear of "failing", fear of being inconsistent... Just fear.

Even the name "BisaNation" which came about coincidentally, intimates me... It's just so big! Bisa is my middle name so it's not even what I associate with the real me... (I'll explain in a later post).
BisaNation is the suggestion of a one woman nation and although it motivates me- I'm constantly aware that everything I aim for, aim to be is far beyond me. Which is why I don't trust in my own abilities but I'm driven by hope and faith. 

As I've gotten older I've come to realise that in life, every decision we make is either motivated by love or fear... I don't want fear to be my inspiration- only love. 
I want to do things because I love it and because I know it's what I'm meant to do. So I've made a decision to do things despite the fear... With the hope that with each day that passes I will become more bold.

"Perfect Love casts out all fear" so if like me as a child, one of your fears causes you to be too shy to even speak to or approach people, it's because you need more love. Love for yourself, love for others. More self-acceptance. Less self-consciousness and fear of judgment.

As human beings, it will always be our struggle to overcome fear in one shape or form but every time I say or write "Be BOLD" it's like my wake up call. A reminder to practice what I preach.


Thanks for stopping by! New posts every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday!xx