I know it's the last day of September but I had initially decided to relaunch my blog September 1st. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible but I still wanted to share my musings with you anyway...

September has always been the most significant, almost poignant time of the year for me...
Even more so than new year. September carries an aura of expectancy and hope that has always intrigued me. 
I'm sure it's also largely linked to the childhood beginning of school term which almost always meant change. Moving up a year proposed a chance for reinvention. Even if it didn't happen for you personally, you could at least witness the effects for certain individuals around you. 
I remember watching some people go from socially non existent to extremely popular with the introduction offered by September. Almost as if a newfound attitude gained over the summer, now gave them the authority to command life to change for the better, for people to treat them better.
It eventually happened for me too... but I'll speak on it in another post.

So with all this in mind, I thought it only fitting that I begin this next chapter of my life now as I clasp at the coat tails of departing September. 

With all the craziness that has gone on in my life recently; it has served to give me time to reflect, rest, (reluctantly) and focus my targets. I am dedicating my focus to my blog, fashion and music...

I don't think I'll ever leave you to YouTube, as a seed has been planted and I want to see the fruit of it after these years of hard work. 
I have a overwhelming passion for film/animation and moving image but the truth is, I always feel shorthanded when it comes to filmmaking because it really does take the team. I can never quite get the quality of production I want and I find myself constantly feeling inhibited. This then ultimately leaves me spending hours on the editing process. Trying to make the most of what I have, which can be draining.
When I create still images however, I don't feel the same limitations. It's easier- with the right tools, to bring my ideas to fruition.

I almost forgot, but I wrote a song a very a long while back which encapsulates everything I've tried to relay in this post.
The song is called September 

Don't turn your back on me
My life has only started
And I can gradually see
The stillness has departed
Everyone's looking at me, well that's the way it seems
So now it all begins in September
Look at me, at me everyone's looking at me, at me

A newness has been born
I'm filled with hope and fear
Stepping in my unknown home
Atonement day, Creation
I knew it all along but thought that I must be crazy
So now it all begins in September
Look at me, at me everyone's looking at me, at me

Stepping into newness the things that I've been longing for
Receive my harvest, the blessings that I've been waiting for
But before I get there the pressure is mounting more and more
All eyes on me, it seems some wait to see me fall
I'm nearly there I feel it way deep down in my bones
I wait on God and only do as I'm told
So I keep on moving
Pressing towards the prize, no surprise when I get there the joke's on you
No I don't mean you... I mean You- yeah you know who

But I console myself because I know whom I my believe

September, by BisaNation 

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