I'm ashamed to say it, but the following post was initially written in October 2015! Don't ask me why I didn't post it back then because I have no idea! There are many more forgotten draft posts floating around the dark corners of my blog! 

I wrote the following post, just after I had begun to redefine my style.
Fashion is just so funny because back then I had decided that I wanted to wear oversized t-shirts and sweater dresses with thigh high boots. I was opting for large angled sleeves and I made quite a few dresses following that criteria. I liked it because I felt it suited my body shape and was different to what I was seeing around on the high street. 
However, this look eventually became on of the biggest trends about!
I still love it and as you may have noticed, my love for thigh high boots has never waned. In fact, I've just added about 10 new pairs to my collection! I'll share these newbies some upcoming posts.

21st October 2015
 I'm on a quest to love everything in my wardrobe and after my huge clear out, I found my remaining casual clothes, slightly uninspiring. I wanted to have new, beautiful pieces that would be appropriate for day wear but this proved quite difficult. Mainly because I find it hard to find clothes I really like in high street shops and when I do, they're far too expensive. 

My previous post How To Develop Your Own Personal Style shows the steps I took to clear and reorganise my wardrobe. I created a mood board which gave me a distinct idea of what I want to wear, how I want to present myself. It inspired a sudden urge to make myself more casual clothes which suit my style. I love pieces that possess a little-laid back cool; which can be accessorised to dress up or down.

There's nothing like a mini skirt/ dress with thigh highs.
I'm a huge fan of scuba fabric and the vibrant yellow just adds that striking factor. 

Scuba Sweater Dress, DIY
Boots, eBay
Choker, Zara
Earrings, Aldo
Armour ring, Aldo
Bracelet, Forever 21

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