In the last few days, it has only just started to feel like autumn over here in the UK, or more like 'summer part 6'. The intermittent rain episodes have just broken summer up into segments and left a lot of us feeling jolted and confused- but I guess that's English weather for you!

Autumn always seems to evoke a longing for burgundy, Jade; Dark, rich colours. However, with the sun peeking its head around more frequently than usual, I find myself still clinging to those vibrant summer shades. 

I made this dress a few months ago and I think it solves these conflicting factors perfectly. 
The combination of warm, thick, black velvet is perfectly fitting for Autumn. Whilst the vibrant blocks of colour, suggest a nostalgic nod to warmer days. Thus fulfilling those Summer Dreams...

Be BOLD!xx

Photos Taken by Trevor Andre & Myself
Digital Artwork, Me

Dress, DIY
Shoes, Schuh
Earrings, Vintage
Bracelet, Claires
Bag, Trade

On my lips. Mac Lipstick in 'Heroine' + 'Flat Out Fabulous'

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