As an artist my style of drawing, painting and illustration is all about light and dark. The ability to create tone and atmosphere in an image. This is where I feel my strengths lie.

When I create an artificial two-dimensional world, I have full control and Photoshop is the tool I feel allows me to exercise this control. However, when it comes to live action and photography, this is an area I struggle with most. I have a strong sense of where I want to be stylistically so when I'm not sure how to fully achieve it, that can be frustrating at times.

I would love to fuse my 2D artistic style, with my photographic style. 
I love to learn and my desire to fully grasp this concept will always lead me to keep absorbing and studying these skills to achieve all my artistic goals.
 A knowledge of how to achieve the look I want before post production; To enable me to develop my skills in both areas of film making and photography, to ultimately create the most impact with art.

Illustrations by me

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