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As I make that slow descent into the underworld of social media; I am always surprised at how a short trip to Instagram can begin with a hint of curiosity. Turn into a slight sense of self-doubt, and gradually become an assertion of how insignificant I am and everything I do is. 

In hindsight, it always seems like a harmless drug... but the truth is, if you stay there too long it can become a poison which seeps into the mind, soul, all the way to the spirit. 
Comparison really is the thief of joy and it's so important to guard your heart against anything that threatens to attack it. 
Small doses of social media can be inspiring or serve as light entertainment- submersion can lead to the overpowering deception of insecurity.

Then I make a dress or do something creative and I remember that I'm awesome! 
...I'm just being honest... It be like that sometimes! Ha!
Don't worry, I think you're awesome too! Don't allow Instagram to make you forget! ;)

Be BOLD!xx

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