Happy new year everyone! Here's to an awesome 2016!

Last year was a bit of a strange one for me; where everything and nothing happened! 

I'm hoping for awesome things to happen this new year but I know that above all it takes the right mind set to create the changes we want to experience in life... 
I don't usually do resolutions but I'm adamant to become more bold, more positive, trust God more, attempt to be more patient and believe in myself a lot more. 

The hardest thing for me personally is to trust my journey and fully believe that my steps are ordered... Mainly because I'm a control freak! I struggle with not knowing what's going on and what will happen. 
I guess that's why I love creative activities. They allow me to feel a certain amount of control whilst  giving me that much needed balance, because too much control can inhibit the organic creative outcome.
I believe that ultimately, we don't really create anything. The things we create exist already in another realm and we as creative beings, merely do our best to interpret and translate what has been revealed to us. Sometimes in pieces, sometimes in its entirety.

When I make something, I put in the work, while allowing it to become what it is supposed to be. Whether I'm writing a song, creating a piece of art, whatever...

Please excuse my ramblings but this is why I love blogging, writing helps me to figure things out so please bare with me... 

So I guess my conclusion is, I need  to approach life like I approach the creative process. Put in the work, but relax and enjoy the process. Understand that the result is destined to be great if I stay on track.
It will turn out beautiful and if it doesn't, I change it or try again.

Perseverance, patience, enjoyment and most of all to be BOLD!xx