Sometimes life can get so stressful and overwhelming. Most of the time this is a result of focusing on the wrong things. 
Making goals and targets are essential to keeping on track, but when you feel bound by them, it's time to refocus. 
We all want to be happy; To love and be loved. Family, friends and relationships are what life is all about. We are all susceptible to forgetting this but I hope this video inspires and reminds you to focus on the right things.

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The inspiration behind this video is pretty self-explanatory but I'm surprised by the fact I managed to gain content to upload by just- living my life!

I was searching for music to use for this video and then, my sister played me this song as soon as she finished recording it yesterday! It's such a perfect fit and I'm so in love with it! 
She told me that the concept of my video was exactly what she imagined when she wrote the song which is just awesome!
I love how God works these things out!

My channel started off as a music artist channel and I uploaded a video called 'Bisa Uncovered' where I discussed my song wiriting process. 
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I've decided to continue with this video series. Sharing some more personal aspects of my life... thinking out loud.

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