For women of colour, a good nude lipstick can be difficult to find. 
Drug stores in the UK, still do not cater very well to us and unless you're willing to pay for high end products; you can find yourself very limited. 
For this reason, I have always mixed my own nude lip colours.

 As part of my Lip Trick series, I've uploaded a video on my youtube channel where I show you How To Create The Perfect Nude Lip. It's an in depth video with an explanation for each step, so it's worth a watch. Click HERE to view. (The video also includes alternative steps for people of fairer complexions.

For those who aren't a fan of videos, here are some stills to show the basic steps. 

Line your lips with a black kohl pencil, then fill with a blood red lipstick

Add a concealer a similar shade to your skin tone.

To create a matte lip, add a powder on top.  


Makeup Academy Kohl Pencil, Jet Black
Sleek True Colour Lipstick, Cranberry
DermaColour Camouflage System, D 14
DermaColour Camouflage System, DM 20
Ben Nye Translucent Powder, Sienna
Collection Pressed Powder, 03 Translucent

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