"People want to know who you are. Fashion is a clear indication... A way to express your attitude, your mood."                    -Rihanna

I've been planning to write on this topic for about almost a year now. I have a video below in which I discuss in more detail. A scenario occurred earlier last year, which really caused me to think about the importance of personal style and its relevance to personal identity.
The fact is whether you claim to care about fashion or not, everything we put on is a choice… A choice made with our own personal logic and reasoning attached to it. 

I believe that embracing your personal style, can bring you a step closer to embracing who you are as an individual. Even if it's only a small part of who you really are. 

Personal style should never be a struggle it should be innate. However, sometimes we need a nudge to break from old habits and escape the boxes we love to lock ourselves in.  I had to remind myself that i can wear what I want without feeling like I'm over doing it... I don't have to shrink. I can be bold in my creativity and expression. 

If you follow trends you will always be one step behind, by the very nature of following. To determine what you like and what you feel comfortable wearing, will help determine your own path. Then instead of following trends, you will gain the skill to incorporate them to suit your needs and personal style. 

Since I began this journey into really embracing who I am, I can already see my creativity move forward leaps and bounds. 
In this video on my channel, I explain the steps I took to identify and explore my personal style and how others can do it too. 

 The mood board below, as well as the mood board in the post Current Mood, were the first of the 3 steps I took to develop my personal style. 
Take a look at the video to see the other steps.

Top & Skirt, David Koma

Skirt, Anthony Vaccarello

Dress, Gareth Pugh

Dress, BisaNation Image from the post 'Summer Dreams' 

Dress, BisaNation 

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