It's so crazy to me when I look through my blog and realise the number of images that I had intended to post but simply forgot! What is the matter with me?!

Anyway, I’ve been obsessed with Anthony Vaccarello and his designs for a while now... The construction, silhouettes, use of fabric and texture are what I immediately fell in love with. I'll show you examples of what I mean in another post.

I drew the illustration below, over a year ago or maybe two years ago?! (wow time is really flying!).

My character is wearing an Anthony Vaccarello dress, Louboutin shoes and YSL clutch. (I can't remember who the jewellery is originally by).

When I initially posted this image to my Instagram page, I also had a quick look at Anthony Vaccarello's page. My attention was immediately caught by an editorial image Anthony had posted.
It was a photo of a model in the EXACT same surroundings as my illustration, wearing the same dress. Even her pose was similar! 
I couldn't believe the crazy coincidence because I had never seen this photo before! If she had been dark skinned with an afro, I would've fallen off my chair!
Not gonna lie, I was disappointed by this because I'm petty and I hate looking like I've copied anything- especially when I take the time to do something I feel is unique...
Well, I guess there's nothing new under the sun and my idea wasn't exactly groundbreaking haha! 

Anyway, Anthony Vaccarello himself liked my illustration on Instagram which literally made my day!!! 

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