It was my birthday on Tuesday 13th December. I had planned to post about it on the day, as I failed to do so last year but alas, it was not possible.
I tend to have a mini pre-life crisis just before my birthdays... I'm sure that many December babies can relate. 
That end of year self-assessment, marked by the fact you have become a year older and therefore should have more to show for it. Anyway, I got over it and managed to have one of my best birthdays. 
I promise to post photos and more details of what I did to celebrate later... I've been so ill, run down and exhausted. Thankfully, I managed to recover in time for my birthday but please bare with me as I get my mojo back!

Photography, Trevor Andre James
Artwork, BisaNation

Dress, DIY
Choker, Zara
Belt, Vintage
Shoes, Schuh