Happy new year loves! 
I always say this but this time, I'm actually going to do what I say: I am determined to post to my blog weekly!!!!!
I think my main problem is that I always like to have really nice images for each post and sometimes that's difficult as I don't have a regular photographer to work with. It sucks but maybe that will push me to practice my own photography... 

Life has changed immensely for me over the last few months. 2016 was a year for me to grow and face some truths about myself and life in general but most of my adulting began last September. 
Like I said in my previous post There's Something About September, I always view that month as a marker for change and transition. 
It happened at the beginning of the month and I wrote down my thoughts, hoping to post it to my blog. I didn't end up doing so but here it is now? The moment I had the realisation...
-4th September 2016
Head In The Clouds, Reaching For The Stars

This morning I realised something: I am hardly ever present at the moment. It hit me almost like an epiphany!
As a child, I always had a vivid imagination. Even now, I spend most of my time day-dreaming. 
In the past, this has always served me well because everything I usually want to achieve, begins with a vision in my mind; Whether I'm creating a concept like a song, a story, a piece of art, or where I wanted to be in life. Somehow the results would always turn out exactly as I had imagined.

However, as I've grown older I've begun to feel more like a passenger, watching my life take strange turns in random directions. 
As a result, I've found my mind has been wondering further and further into the future. Resulting in a huge gap between where I am now and where I want to be- with no way of implementing a cohesive plan. Making me feel even less in control.

I've realised that it no longer benefits me to remain thinking waaayyy ahead into the future. All that does is make the present seem comparatively disappointing.
How can I expect to reach those goals, if I don't set targets according to where I am now?
It's great to dream. Achieving those dreams, however, is another ball game altogether!

I used to think the phrase 'keep your head in the clouds, with your feet firmly on the ground' was referring to humility and keeping a level head... Now I see what it really means is that while it's important to keep your dreams and imagination going, you also need your feet firmly on the ground. A plan of action, a map in order to take the correct steps to get to your destination.

Be BOLD!xx