I mentioned very briefly in a previous post that it was my Birthday last month. I filled the day with lots of fun stuff, including doing a photo shoot in my living room. 
I used my assistant and friend Mirriam as a model. I did her makeup, styling and took the photos; assisted by my friend Mbali.
I was going for a moody, high contrast look, but I didn't have enough light and it was difficult to control the sharpness of the images in those conditions... 
In real life, we look nothing alike but because I did her makeup and dressed her in my clothes, Mirriam ended up looking like my twin! 
Most of the clothes were designed and made by me. Outfit details can be found on the images.

Hope you like!

Be BOLD! xx

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Model, Mirriam Awah
Assistant, Tembe Mbali
Photographer, Stylist, Makeup artist, BisaNation