I mentioned in a previous post, How To Develop Your Own Personal Style (click HERE to view) the importance of finding your style. That concept inspired a whole collection of clothes that I made for myself and this outfit, in particular, exemplifies that for me. This was the first thing I made using faux leather fabric and it was the start of something special. I have mentioned repeatedly how much I love textured fabrics and I'm really appreciative of the fact that I can make myself any kind of outfit I desire.

These photos were taken October 2015 and I think it was my favourite shoot to date because everything was just right! As soon as I spotted this black garage door, I knew it would make the perfect backdrop.

The street we were shooting on was sooo busy, so posing in front of such a large number of people was slightly awkward at first. However, I soon got over it, because from the first click of the camera, the photos came out great!

Leather Top/ Dress, Designed and made by me BisaNation
Belt, River Island
Boots, Zigzags
Earrings, Asos
Cuffs, Miss Selfridge
Armour ring, Aldo
Gold rings, Primark

Photography & Digital Retouching by BisaNation
Assisted by Trevor James & Mirriam Awah

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