Lately I haven't been inspired to edit any videos for my YouTube channel. Yet I still found myself recording quite a few videos. 
I'm not quite sure how long I'll be away from my channel... Honestly, it's become so much work with very little to show for it... 
At the moment I'm concentrating on my music, fashion design, photography and this blog... I guess when my music is ready, that will inspire me to share it on my channel.

For now, here are some stills from a fashion fix video I shot a month ago with the help of my younger sister, Gwen. 
The concept was very simple so I decided to focus on creating the mood with the aesthetics and editing. It just needs the perfect song to add the finishing touch!

The outfit I'm wearing in the photos in a faux leather dress I made almost two years ago. I have some photos showing them in more detail, coming very soon.

The clutch bag is actually a very cool toiletry bag from Savers would you believe?!!!
Boots from Public Desire.

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