I'm not usually one to indulge in consumerism. I would rather make something; Expanding my knowledge and skill, than to buy it. However, I still haven't managed to learn how to make boots and so every year- around December to late January, I find myself going crazy with the online shopping bug!

Thigh high boots are a weakness of mine and most recently, I just found myself finding so many treasures from Ego official and Public Desire! So many of the shoes I found were exactly my style and to taste which is usually rare for me!

I think one of my absolute, favourite purchases has got to be these denim boots from Ego! They are simply amazing and look so good with every outfit. I love to pair them with my choker that I designed and made. 
I'll be sharing some more posts I'll be sharing some more of my purchases in late in later posts but for now, here are (A LOT) of pics I took last week...

Photography, BisaNation

Choker, DIY
Dress, DIY
Boots, Ego Official

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