I think I mentioned a while back that I wanted to make more practical, outfits which still possessed an element of chic. Items that could transition from day to casual evening wear. 
I discovered this floral embossed, scuba fabric and bought meters and meters of it! 
So far I've made these trousers and top, another dress and I'll use the remaining meter to make something more dressy. 
I absolutely love this outfit because it’s so cool yet comfy! It’s seriously like going out in pj’s!

These photos were taken near the end of the day using natural sunlight. I was debating whether to take these photos or not because the sun was rapidly disappearing. I decided to risk it.
I raced against time to capture these shots, hoping not to lose light and this time, I feel I won.
Photography, BisaNation
Top & Trousers, DIY
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