For the longest time, I've wanted a team around me to help make my dream work. I haven't uploaded fashion posts in ages because I was in search of a photographer and to this day it just hasn't worked out.

The idea of taking my own photos has always been an obvious one but one that also made me apprehensive. It's not easy to think about composition, lighting and camera settings whilst trying to look natural on camera.
When the weather gets warmer, or at least sunnier, I would like to start going out and taking photos of myself in the sunshine in cool locations. This will be a true test of character because aside from the issue of carrying my gear and setting up, there's the obvious awkwardness of photographing yourself and looking like an egotistical freak to everyone else.
It's bad enough posing in public in front of a photographer, let alone posing on your own in front of a tripod and camera. I usually prefer to use my laptop to shoot, to help me frame the shot and catch every single detail which is going to be even more attention seeking!
One big tip I've heard is to find isolated locations however, I'm not willing to sacrifice an amazing location for shyness so I'll just have to deal with it. This is the thug life I chose lol. 
I have come to terms with the fact that for now, this is how it will have to be and in truth, that can only make me better at what I do. So rather than fighting the inevitable, I should just embrace the fact that I have to do things for myself... and just live that "do it yourself life". 

Most apprehension usually stems from fear, and the worst kind of fear is always that old foe called "fear of man" aka fear of other people's opinions. 
The only true cure for that is to feel the fear and do it anyway! 
Choose to be BOLD!xx

Photography by me, 
more pics coming this week

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