Self Portrait first appeared on the post, Bold Transitions

2017 has been quite possibly one of the most trying years of my life!
We're only four months in and already I feel like every life lesson to be learned, has been compressed into these last few months. It has been draining and really overwhelming at times.

I'm so adamant to fulfil my purpose and do what I was born to do; To help people and be useful on this planet but my word, it's been a struggle! I don't know how to articulate it right now but in short, when things change it can leave you really unsettled and sometimes a little lost. I'm slowly finding my footing, striving to be the person I'm supposed to be without inhibition... to wholly accept myself. I'm confident in many ways but I want real confidence, in every area. I'm not willing to fake it till I make it!

It's not easy to be loving. To love God, love yourself and to love others properly! The more I try, the more I feel like I'm failing. But I'll keep trying.

As my cousin once said, “This life is not for the weak.” Haha! Ain’t that the truth!