I saw the Gucci Cruise Collection this morning and I really wish I'd seen it yesterday. 
Yesterday I made a rush stop to the fabric shop and
I only had 20 minutes until closing time which is like seconds in that place! There is so much choice and I like to take my time to look through and feel the fabrics.

I have absolutely zero summery outfits because  I rarely find summer clothes that interest me, but this time I'm on the lookout for vibrant fabrics to make myself a new summer wardrobe.
There were so many floral and bold prints to choose from but in my rush, I only bought two. If I had seen this collection prior to my visit, I would've been a lot more certain of what to select.

This Gucci collection is so beautiful! It has an element of autumn/ fall, which is my favourite fashion season. The floral, embroidered, decadence, alongside elements of vibrancy and layered textures, are perfect for an alternative summer look.

The looks I chose to show are ones which particularly spark my inspiration.
I can see this mood board will come in handy in the very near future!

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Here are the fabrics I purchased...