I've never been someone who is dependent on makeup to feel attractive. It doesn’t affect how I feel either way... I don't really use a mirror during the day so a lot of the time I can forget what I look like until I catch my reflection. 
I guess this was because I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I reached age 16; because my dad was quite possibly the world's strictest parent and my mum didn’t want me to wear it either... She explained to me that she didn't want me to become reliant on it to feel beautiful. So I listened and while my friends were wearing 'Spilt Milk' eyeshadow and 'Heather Shimmer' lipstick from Rimmel; I admired a little jealous and a little left out. 
But it served me well in the end because makeup is an art and a fun thing for me, but it doesn’t affect me emotionally.

However, recently I noticed I was becoming a lot more reclusive and quite frankly, lazy. The fact that I was bare faced every day and generally not making much of an effort, made me feel lazier. 
The only days I wore makeup was on Sundays to church. 

So, last week I set myself a makeup challenge. Not the typical 'no makeup for week challenge' but quite the opposite. 
I set myself a challenge to wear makeup 7 days in a row starting last Monday.
I managed 5 out of 7 days but it definitely made a huge difference. I was so much more active and even met new people on the random days I went exploring.
The fact is when my face is done, I must go out and show off my handiwork; because no one wants to waste a full face of makeup lol!

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Be BOLD! xx