It was my sister's birthday dinner. We went to a restaurant called Jimmy's which I used to love because the atmosphere was always great and the chefs were always full of banter.

The decor was so cool and every time I went there, I would think to myself, 'I need to do a shoot here one day'... So this time, after dinner I asked one of my friends' to take some photos while two more made sure I was well lit by holding up their mobile phones, shining their torches in my face. As I strutted around the restaurant while the onlookers stared in intrigue.

A few days later, I went back there to take some cut- away shots of the wall and surroundings... It's a really good thing I got all this done in time because a few weeks later Jimmy's closed down permanently. There was some drama about tax evasion and some other craziness.

I'm going to miss that place! At least I have the photos and footage for memories. Ha!

I had a yellow faux fur stole with me which I forgot to wear for the photos but managed to include in the video shoot.

Customized pizza sent over to me, courtesy of one of the chefs (not the man in the photo). It was so funny when it arrived but it didn't taste great, but I appreciated the effort lol!

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