A couple of weeks ago I was watching a documentary on the Paris fashion houses of the 80's. You can click HERE to watch.
I was really surprised to learn that with the emergence of a new generation of designers, Paris came to the forefront of the fashion industry at that time.

I also realised that most of the silhouettes I love, i.e. accentuated shoulders were pretty much originated by these Parisienne designers.
The general format of the catwalk shows was so exciting and theatrical. The shows seemed to bring emphasis to a concept or aesthetic, as opposed to a collection of individual pieces.

Jean- Paul Gaultier was one of the designers featured in the documentary...

The Jean-Paul Gaultier autumn /winter 2017 collection was a very strong nod to this era of 80's fashion. There was still an emphasis on the shoulders but a reinterpretation of the extended shoulder look.

How amazing is this velvet coat with the pink lining?! So gorgeous! 
A velvet winter coat is just so interesting and different! 
I know it's currently summer- time but I'm always thinking ahead and I'm definitely going to be making something very similar to this. 

I love the use of textured and opposing fabrics throughout the collection.

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