Whenever you choose to copy, follow or imitate, You will always remain one step behind. 
I dislike the notion of fashion trends because it's like asking permission for what you can wear. 
The constant change of trends, means you're always left waiting for the next set of instructions to follow... You have no time to make the style your own because it'll soon be out. 

This desire to fit in begins as children. I can only really speak for Western culture but amongst school peers being different is always deemed as negative. In order to be accepted, we must all wear and do the same thing. The latest toy will soon become disposable.
Breeding a culture of dissatisfaction with a lack of appreciation for anything old.

In the west, and in fact many countries around the world, we live in societies determined to strip us of identity and free thinking.... We are compelled to share the same belief system and opinion. We are told what to think on every topic and if you disagree, you risk feeling like an outsider. 

We all long for acceptance in our relationships, but if you have to conform or change who you are to feel included then that is not true acceptance.

Creative expression is of paramount importance because it breaks us free of political and sociological restraints. It enables us to ask the important questions, Who am I? What do I stand for? What do I believe in? And Why?

Don't blindly follow like sheep. Get to know your personal style and personal identity! 

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Be BOLD!xx