I’ve never done a “proper” birthday post before and I guess this isn't a proper birthday post either, seeing as my birthday was in December! But let's ignore that fact for now because this time I actually took a photo! However, I wish I could upload videos on here as there is an abundance of footage!

I spent the day shopping, then I rushed home to finish my birthday outfit. We then went to dinner and finished with late-night karaoke. We had a booth to ourselves and ended up having it for free which is always nice.

I had a really, really good time, surrounded by great friends and of course I had to fit in a photoshoot!

My sister (reluctantly) took the shoot photos. She has a really good eye but hates working with me because I know what I want and makes it a bit boring for her I guess. Either way, they came out really well!

I’ll post them this week!xx

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Be BOLD!xx