It was the last day of shooting in Lisbon. We were in genuine shock that we had managed to reach the deadline because the final few days were intense to say the least!
Anyway, we made it and decided to go out and celebrate. 
I had packed one outfit appropriate for a night out... It's a really simple dress that took me about 30 minutes to make. The fabric and colour is the reason I love it so much! (I have matching boots which I kind of wish I brought with me).
I also made the faux fur jacket which completed the look. I wore it like this all night in the freezing Portugal night air because... well, because fashion lol!

Anyway, these photos were taken in the hallway as we waited and waited and waited for the uber to arrive. There was a mixture of delays and cancellations which meant there was a wait of about an hour and a half. People were getting irritable and out of the mood as while I was perfectly content taking selfies and asking people to hold the camera and press the shutter as I used the flip screen to compose my own shots.

I purchased my awesome earrings from Mango earlier that day in a mad frenzy of sale euphoria.
I love them so much. They came as singles which is fine for me because I usually only wear one earring but I bought another as an emergency back up.

Earrings, Mango
Dress, DIY
Jacket DIY
Boots, Ego

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