"Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead..." -philippians 3:13
It’s impossible to move forward if you’re holding on to your past but how do we ‘let go’? Like everything else in life, it’s far easier said than done. It's something I’m actually struggling with right now as I write... My past issues have reared their ugly head to bite me in the butt. While people around me are quick to tell me I need to 'get over it'. No one is saying how.
So, I’m stepping outside myself for a second and giving myself some steps to move forward and hopefully, this will help others also.

Remember, your entire life is not at a disadvantage because of what has happened to you.

While the past does shape so much of who you are, it doesn’t have to determine who you become or restrict what life has to offer you. The past cannot hold you back unless you allow it to.
Scars fade. Though they may not disappear completely because they are a sign of what you went through. However, they do stop hurting if you allow them to heal.

Your past has given you invaluable lessons.

You understand life and people so much more than you would’ve if you hadn’t gone through this.
You are now more relatable because of this. People will be drawn to you when you are able to share that you’ve been broken in the same places they’re broken.

If it wasn’t this, it would be something else.

No one is exempt from pain. If you didn’t go through that particular experience, it would have been something else. Maybe something worse, maybe something less but the emotional effects would be the same because ultimately, this was to teach you.


This is one of the hardest things but it’s also the most effective ways of breaking the chains of your past.

Sometimes you don’t get the luxury of a resolution. You may never get to confront that person who hurt you. Ergo, you have to deal with feeling screwed over by unfinished business.
The thought of forgiving someone who doesn't deserve it can be painful because it feels like you’re letting them off the hook, but in actuality, you’re letting yourself off the hook.

The bible describes unforgiveness as “holding someone in your heart” and when you think about it, that’s exactly what’s happening. The person you’re mad at has such a huge place in your heart and ultimately, in your life. They’re constantly at the back of your mind; You carry them around wherever you go.
Forgiveness is letting them out of your heart so they can no longer affect your life. You are no longer their prisoner. You are free.

Now you are open to all the beautiful things life and God has for you and you can positively move forward because there’s nothing else holding you back.

Be BOLD!xx

Self portraits by BisaNation

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