They say patience is a virtue and honestly I should know better, but recently I find myself getting irritated by little things which I know shouldn't bother me. I think the main issue is, I’m having trouble guarding my heart and my peace. There are so many minor distractions which become huge barriers if we dwell on them.
There are so many bigger things to focus on and it’s silly to let these things occupy my thoughts but you know… I’m a mess sometimes.

I wrote a song a few years ago, based on a dream I had at the time. In the dream, I was stressing over organising a catwalk for a designer who wasn't even there. In fact, I was a self-appointed organiser because no one else would do but I was the one getting frustrated because nothing was organised. I was stressed about something that had nothing to do with me. Then someone in the dream gave me some advice; She said, “If you’d like to be happy in life, you’ve got to learn to let it go”.

It was so simple but profound. I decided to put it in a song just so I’d remember to take that advice anytime I get stressed. Well, right now I’m listening to a rough version of that song just to remind myself to calm the heck down. Nothing is ever worth losing your peace over. Minor distractions are a total waste of time.

Be BOLD!xx

Choker, Pretty Little Thing
Portraits by me

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