At the end of 2017 I said that I was going to do two things in 2018; one was to get a new phone, (I’ve been living without a phone for almost 2 years!) The second was to travel more...

Well, not only is the new phone on its way but a few weeks ago, I found myself in an all expenses paid trip to Portugal working as a Production Manager and Assistant Director for a feature film!

It meant even more to me because it all happened in JANUARY which is my least favourite month ergo, the best time to escape!

The experience was invaluable. I was learning every day; about myself, about others and about how to make the most of what you have...

It all happened so suddenly. The day before my flight, I was in a panic, wondering if I should even go. I was overwhelmed by fear and I didn’t even know what I was scared of. I wrote out my thoughts in a blog post that I didn’t end up posting.

In 2017 I felt so stuck and unsure. The break from YouTube and social media was really good for me because I was over it all, but it did leave me wondering ‘What on earth do I do now?’and when you listen to fear, it will always become your biggest hindrance.

It ended up being one of my best decisions, quite possibly a life-changing one. I met so many cool people and saw beautiful sights.

I came away from this experience realising that a turnaround in life ALWAYS begins with a decision!
Most of all, this experience really showed me how God is TRULY able to turn a situation around in a moment.

I became really good friends with a member of the production team and at the end of each long day, we’d talk about what we’d learnt.

By the final night, we concluded that if we could put all that work, sleepless nights into someone else’s dream, there was no excuse not to put that into achieving our own dreams…

Even though it only lasted 2 weeks, I felt like I’d been doing that job my whole life…

That desire in your heart to do something! Something way too much for you; You’ve been learning how to do it your whole life and you didn’t even realise.

I have so many dreams and desires that are too big for me to share with others but I realised that that uncomfortable place, becomes the incubator to develop all the skills and talents you need for your main calling.

Be BOLD!xx

I took loads more photos but the lovely director decided to use my SD card and format it without my knowledge! So all my photos were deleted. I had some really cool photos of the more dramatic scenes with a very large crew from the first few days of shooting. The last week was crazy busy and I had little time to capture any on-set moments.

The shooting schedule was insane but I managed to squeeze in a quick shop at Mango whilst waiting for the uber to take us to the next location.

As Assistant Director I would use my point and shoot camera to take some suggestion shots for the Director.

By some miracle, we managed to finish the film within the shooting schedule and went out to celebrate!

The final day was the only time we got to do some real sightseeing. The weather was beautiful (only during the days).

I love the old buildings in Lisbon; they have so much character.

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