Street fashion or should I say online street fashion, has definitely progressed in recent years. It has a boldness to it that I find completely inspiring.
Instagram and social media have bridged the gap between catwalk and street walk and the stylistic limitations are slowly fading. People have started "Doing it for the Gram" (fashion wise) and I'm here for it!

In 2015, I set out to design and create a whole new wardrobe of clothes because I was bored of high street and no longer finding what I wanted for the right price in vintage shops.
That decision definitely helped me to push my own boundaries but at the same time, made me realise that I still don’t dress the way I really want to.
I love colour and mixing textures; it’s something I would really like to experiment more with. I am constantly collecting images of style inspiration, yet I still haven't managed to fully implement these ideas into my own designs. 
The following images from British Vogue, encapsulate what I aim for. That freedom to experiment without timidity.

It's not just about clothes. I feel like I am still evolving into the person I'm supposed to be and to fully embrace my own personal style, will encourage me to truly...

Be BOLD!xx

I may not be around for the rest of this week, as I've been inspired to make more clothes and take more blog photos... Hopefully, I'll be back next week with some cool content.

British Vogue August 2017
Model, Lara Stone
Photography by Mario Testino
Styled by Lucinda Chambers

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