Hey, Hey! 
So I’m back from what seems like the longest, most unplanned break ever!

A lot has changed since I last wrote. For a start, I am now an auntie to the most amazing little boy ever. Baby Jesse came and just changed everything! What I wasn't prepared for, is the way I love him. I love him so much! I just wasn't ready!

My sister had always planned for me to be her birthing partner way before she ever knew she was pregnant. The labour and birth was an unexpected traumatic experience which I’m still not ready to talk about to honest but let's just say at some point, we weren’t sure if we were going to see my sister  Gwen again. She had to have an emergency c-section, which was completely unexpected because  Gwen had the easiest pregnancy ever. She looked and felt amazing as you can see from the photo above but  I guess life never really goes the way we expect...

They say time heals all wounds and I have to say it’s really true because that day and all the fear my family experienced feels like a lifetime ago! I thank God for protecting us.

Jesse is 6 weeks old today and he is my love! He was born on his due date the 23rd April, exactly 1 hour before the newest royal prince.

The photo above is from a pregnancy shoot I did for her a couple of weeks before her delivery, I'll share the rest at some point this week.
The photos below are some candid pics I took of Jesse throughout the first week of his birth. 

Be BOLD!xx

The photos don't show how tiny he was but now he's double the size. His unusually beautiful face changes multiple times a day, depending on what’s he’s doing.

Above is Jesse 5 days old, feeding himself.

Below is Jesse having his first bath. He cried and cried until suddenly deciding that he likes baths.

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